OpenFi's mission is to empower and redefine customer conversations through AI

Our purpose is to deliver consistent, responsible and outstanding conversational AI. Using our market-leading conversational AI, our customers can safely harness the power of Generative AI to automate client interactions and set new standards.

Our Story

OpenFi was born out of a passion for problem solving and the belief that interactions with customers and leads could be simpler and more manageable. By automating human-to-organization interactions, we help businesses scale effortlessly, delivering unprecedented efficiencies and results.

What sets us apart

Problem Solvers

Our outlook to problems is summed up as "the impossible we can do immediately; miracles take a little longer". Bold ideas and relentless iteration can resolve most challenging problems for our customers.


We are constantly learning and developing. We actively strive into the unknown wanting to progress and maintain our cutting-edge market leading standing.

Industry Expertise

The OpenFi leadership team and Board of Directors bring years of experience within natural language processing, automation and software development.


We acknowledge the potential dangers inherent to Generative AI, and thus have committed ourselves to developing and deploying our conversational AI tools responsibly and safely.