SocialBoost AI

Discover a new way to make paid advertising ROI positive

  • Leverage conversational AI to make previously poor-performing lead gen channels commercially viable.
  • Improve your brand image with consistent social content.
  • Nurture and educate new leads without having to hire more humans
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How it Works

Why use it?

Instant Social Media live response yields significantly higher conversion than standard form fills or website click through. Try the future not the past.

Communicate with and nurture leads without any human costs via accurate and consistent conversational AI developed to be an expert in your product and/or service.

No technical or development work is required - this is what we do.

Features / Use cases

Set up timeline

  • Discovery call to understand your brand, it's positioning, current social strategy - 1 hour call
  • Proposal creation, our team will create example adverts and demo Facebook campaign for you to review - 4 days set up time 1 hour call
  • Account creation / access management / KPI reporting, account kick off
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