SalesTalk AI

Do more business with less effort using AI

  • Get 11% to 32% more enquiries from your website without additional ad spend.
  • Filter, triage & nurture clients, so your sales team focus on high value leads.
  • More superhuman conversations without having to hire more humans.
Conversational AI is 100X better than old chatbots

How it Works

Why use it?

Cost effective bespoke AI creation. Human communication without human costs. Your AI is consistent, it is customised with accurate product and service knowledge, it is not a chat bot.

Fast & simple set up. No staff training required. From day one reduce your operational administrative work, data entry and scheduling while Improve CRM accuracy and reporting. There is no need to set up multiple WhatsApp accounts.

Legally compliant and secure. Feel safe with full GDPR and FCA compliance

Features / Use cases

Set up timeline

  • Discovery call to customize your AI, and train it on your company materials
  • Install the AI on your website with a code snippet
  • Leads Via Email or to your CRM
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